Give your dull images some extra light

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to give your dull images some extra light by adding an extra light point and give the colors a boost. This effect can be used for all kinds of images but is especially nice for close-up portrait.

Final result.

Gimp Tutorial: Add some extra light to your dull images



Step 1: A Gradient to get a subtle light point.

Open the photo you want to give some extra light in Gimp.
Add a new (transparent) layer.
Set the foreground color to white and the background color to mid gray (808080).
Activate the blend tool.
Set the the following blend tool option.
Gradient: FG to BG
Shape: Radical
Now draw the gradient so you get something like this. To get the nicest result make sure the center of the gradient is close to an eye.

Draw a radial gradient

Step 2: The extra light effect

Change the blend mode of the gradient layer to Value. And you’ll get this strange effect.

Blend mode Value

Duplicate the background layer and place it on top of the gradient layer.
Change the blend mode of the duplicated layer to Addition and you’ll get this.

Blend mode to addition

Duplicate this layer again and change the blend mode to Multiply.

Blend mode to multiply

Step 3: Only if the result isn’t good enough

Sometimes the contrast becomes to big. The whites are to bright and the blacks to dark.

Duplicate the top layer and set the blend mode to normal.
And lower the opacity to 10-20.

Extra Light

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