Remove perspective distortion

When your camera is not parallel with the subject your image get distorted inward at the top. In this tutorial you learn how to correct this perspective distortion.
Remove perspective distortion

Step 1: Call in some help.

Open your image in gimp.
To get some help to see if you straighten the photograph well make sure the grids are visable.
Go to View > Show Grid
If the grid is too big are small go to Image > Configure Grid and change the value for Spacing.

Show Grid

Step 2: Remove perspective distortion.

Go to Filter > Transform Tools > Perspective
Drag the upper left-hand side outward until is approximately good, but make sure you keep the horizontal lines straight so you don't distort it.

Perspective tool

Do the same at the right-hand side.
You'll notice that the left-hand site has moved a little so drag it outward again. And if needed the right-hand site again.

Perspective tool - lef/right moved

Hit Transform in the Perspective window and you're finished.

Remove perspective distortion

Not needed but useful: Remove the parts of the image that are out of the frame by choosing Image > Flat Image. If you don't do this step you'll have to export before the image can be saved as jpg.

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