Text reflection on a shiny floor

A tutorial about how to make it look like the text is placed on a shiny floor. The effect is created by giving the text some reflection and draw a floor line. I'll also gave the text itself some extra shine. I kept is simple without any color. But you can easily add some color to this effect.

Final result.

Gimp Tutorial: Text reflection

Step 1: Type de text.

Start a new document of 600 by 300 px.
Type the text. In the example the text color is #636363, font type: STKaiti, font size is 160.

Type the text

Step 2: Give the text some shine.

Activate the Ellipse select tool and make a selection like this.

Text reflection: Ellipse tool to add some shine

Go to Edit > Copy
Go to Edit > Past
Add a new layer, the 'floating selection layer' is transformed into a normal layer.
Check the 'Lock alfa channel' box in the layer window.
Fill this layer with white
And lower the opacity of this layer to somewhere around 20.

Text shine

Step 3: Give the text a reflection.

While the top layer is active go to Layer > Merge Down so the two text layers get merged.
Duplicate the merged layer.
Go to Layer > Transform > Flip Vertically.
Activate the Move Tool and move the reflected text down. Use the down arrowkey of the keyboard rather than the mouse to avoid left/right movement.

Move the reflction of the text down

Go to Layer > Mask > Add Layer Mask. The Add Layer Layer window will now appear. Choose here the 'White (full opacity)' option.
Set the standard foreground color (black) and background color (white).
Activate the Blend Tool and choose the FG to BG gradient.
Now draw the gradient like this.

Draw the gradient on the reflection

Lower the opacity to 50 and you'll get this nice reflection.

Text Reflection

Step 4: Use a gradient as floor.

Activate the background layer and make a new transparent layer.
Use the Rectangle selection Tool to make a selection like this.

Selection to draw a gradient in.

Activate the Blend Tool.
And draw a gradient from the top to the bottom of this selection.
Deactivate the selection.

A simple gradient as floor

Finally lower the opacity of this layer to somewhere around 20 and (if needed) use the move tool to place it nice.

Final result of the Text Reflection with floor tutorial.

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